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This page will Let you know what's happening in Hawaii and with Team Adrenaline. Every month we delete all the news and start with the next month of news.

October 5th 2003
It is official that Hawaii All-Star Paintball Games is NOT allowing scuba tanks nor co2 mother tanks to be on Hawaii All-Star's property.  All day air will be a good option to use. For only 10$ you get to use as much air as you want. Dry fire as much as you want! The fill station is very fast and self serve.  Ask Rexie or Frank and they will teach you how to fill your own tank. 3000psi and 4500 psi tanks can be filled. On another note Hawaii All-Star's Walk-On rate is now 15$. Rental fee is still 25$.  Use the option that if you bring 5 canned goods you get 5$ off on Sunday's only.